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Increase your brand's reach & awareness, boost engagement and sell more products. Collaborate with Creators using Plaza, or use Plaza for your own Ambassador Program.

Boost Your Brand

Tap into the power of social commerce

Plaza helps brands build a new social commerce distribution channel. We bring the point of purchase of products to the point of influence. Collaborate with niche creators to get access to highly engaged communities.

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Supercharged marketing

5X your ROI from your influencer marketing campaigns driven by creators that know your target audience.

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Live Stream Commerce

Partner with Plaza's curated creators or run your own streams to engage audiences & showcase products through shoppable live streams.

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Partner with Creators

Not your typical influencers; they are product experts in niche categories with high trust communities who rely on them for buying decisions.

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Supercharged Attribution

We attribute every sale and make it super easy to calculate ROI per creator and engagement.

Find & Partner with Creators

Choose to work with creators that can drive results. Collaborate on social posts, sponsor a stream, co-create content, build relationships using gifting or showcase your products in creator storefronts.

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Empower your Ambassadors

Equip your ambassadors & affiliates with a Plaza Page and get more out of your existing programs. Our shoppable link in bio helps showcase your products on their profiles like never before, enables quicker checkouts, and gives you readily available insights & metrics.

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Plaza connects brands of all sizes directly to active creator audiences.

Easily connect your store with built-in integrations for Shopify & WooCommerce.

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Plaza makes it easy.

Create Your Plaza Page.

It only take a few minutes! Add your social profiles, product expertise categories and contact information.

Share Products and Affiliate Links.

Share your favorite products and affiliate codes in one place.

Find new brand partnerships.

Plaza actively looks to match you with new brands. Get 3 exciting brand partnership opportunities in your preferred categories within 2 weeks of creating a Plaza Page.

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