We believe the future of commerce is more human

We make this possible, by helping brands launch, run and scale video commerce programs. We envision a world where brands, retailers & creators use live video to engage communities.

Every point of live interaction will be a point of sale. Stores will be virtual and run in the ‘Cloud’ - everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Combining the authenticity of offline shopping with the reach of online shopping.

Our mission is to help break the third wall of ecommerce and power an always-on, interactive shopping experience.

We’re always in your corner

We’ve been working in ecommerce for decades. If you’re looking for advice on your existing video commerce program or just want help in boosting your engagement, reach out - we’re happy to help
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Allesandra Adorisio

UX Reseacher

Soaib Grewal

Co-Founder & CEO

Abhilasha Jha

Fullstack Engineer

Aditya Mittal

Principal Engineer

Aditya Raj

Front End Engineer