5 Best Marketing tools for Black Friday 2021

The best thing about the upcoming holidays, other than the festivities surrounding them, is the enticing discounts on everything for every customer on Black Friday. It is one of the busiest shopping days, offering surprisingly good deals to customers. Last year, the US e-commerce sector generated a record-breaking revenue of $3.34 billion on Black Friday. With customers’ spending sentiments already running high with festivals around the corner, Black Friday offers the perfect opportunity for online marketers and brands to boost their sales with the help of perfectly crafted marketing campaigns.

The weekend is of particular importance this year since we are amid a pandemic. The pandemic has already forced many people to move online for most of their requirements. Thus, the Black Friday weekend is only going to get a lot busier this year. This gives even more reason to the online marketers to gear up with the best tools for marketing available.

Digital marketing has opened a new vista of opportunity for the brands to showcase their creative potential and reach their target audience far and wide. Today, there are innumerable marketing strategies and tools available in the marketplace. To help save your time and effort, the article lists the 5 best marketing tools for Black Friday.

Get ready with Popups

There will be many customers who will just visit your site and leave without making a purchase. They are difficult to woo. This is where a popup comes in. As soon as someone exits your site, you can win them back with pop-ups that can offer them amazing Black Friday deals or even a gift after purchase.

A customised popup will be even better as it can guide the shoppers to the deals of particular interest to them. A popup can even reduce cart abandonment rate or provide the information the shopper might seek. Popups can be created for various purposes.

Scheduling popups well in advance is also very important to create the desired effect. Whether you want to inform the shopper about a discount code for free shipping or extra savings, a popup at the right time might help seal the deal.

Popups can be a great way to boost sales. They provide the following additional benefits:

1. Collecting valuable information and email addresses of shoppers

2. Offering a discount based on cart value for increased average order value

3. Targeting the most appropriate buyer

4. Generating a sense of urgency by adding a time limit to the offers

Live streaming and virtual showrooms

The concept of virtual showrooms has become popular in the past few years. The pandemic has given the trend a further boost since the conventional brick-and-mortar stores became inaccessible during this time.

A virtual showroom is an app or website that showcases and sells digital versions of your products. The shoppers can have a virtual tour of your store, and you can provide them with complete information about each product with the help of links to the product page or even infographics. They can easily make purchases by clicking on links provided with each product or making one-on-one shoppable video calls with the brand’s sales representative.

Similarly, many brands today are leveraging interactive live streaming to promote their products and drive sales. Such videos have led to increased conversion rates; higher-order values and customer grievances could also be addressed readily.

The best thing is that many marketing agencies and companies offer these solutions. One such fantastic company is Plaza which provides made-for-commerce video solutions and Virtual showroom solutions for DTC brands. The brands have claimed increased engagement and higher sales after using Plaza’s services. All the brands out there should try Plaza for free!

Update and optimize your website

The brands do everything to drive traffic to their website for Black Friday. But, they often forget to do the most important thing, which is to prepare their website for that potential surge in traffic. Before the Black Friday weekend commences, the brands should make sure to optimize their website performance. Frustrated and abandoning shoppers are the last thing you need.

Particularly, for an event like Black Friday, shoppers expect the sites to load quickly so that they can avail the best deals in no time.

Thus, upgrade your website to support the products on display and the increased traffic, to ensure a smooth shopping experience.

Send targeted Black Friday personalized emails

Email marketing always works better when you personalize it according to the recipient. For this, you need to segment your email list. The segmentation for Black Friday marketing can be done based on the past purchase data, customer-defined preferences, and previous engagement. There are multiple analytics tools available for segmentation, like Google Analytics. You have to target the past and the potential customers using different approaches.

It is also important to be prepared with a Black Friday email list. Since the volume of such emails skyrockets during that time, the list hygiene needs to be ensured. A clean email list can improve engagement rates and target customers who are interested in your deals. Learn how to do it here

Synergy among brand platforms

To make the most of the Black Friday sales, you have to use your platforms and channels to reach potential buyers seamlessly. Your in-store and digital Black Friday marketing efforts must be synergised to give maximum returns. Create apps and tools through which a buyer’s online shopping experience gets integrated with in-store shopping. For example, you can have an app through which a customer can pre-order a product and pick it up from the store. Some other ways to increase in-store visits using digital tools are:

1. Offer coupons, discounted delivery, or any other gift exclusively to your digital subscribers on a visit to your store.

2. If you have many stores, you can simply add a “Find a Store” call to action in your emails.

3. Host in-store events and promote them online

4. Whenever any new product arrives, or a good and unique deal is being offered to subscribers, update the digital subscribers about it.


Any business, big or small, cannot just sit back and not take advantage of this once-a-year opportunity. You need to have a marketing strategy and best tools in place. However, it becomes even more difficult to grab the customer’s attention with a flood of advertising content during the holiday season. So, make sure to apply smarter and unique tactics which can make you stand apart in the crowd.

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