Best Black Friday Campaigns We Can Learn From 

The day after Thanksgiving, known colloquially as Black Friday, has become one of the biggest shopping days for the United States. The Saturday before Christmas was the busiest shopping day for most retailers. Black Friday is a busy shopping season for which you should position yourself in front of consumers. That weekend may be a huge sales boost, whether it’s for a trip, Lego set, or keyboard.

But how should you strategize your marketing campaign during this pandemic era? Well, With 83 percent of video marketers saying that video is becoming more important, it’s evident that creating a live video session can significantly boost your Black Friday marketing strategy as you connect with the audience while following the COVID-19 protocols. Read how video ads and live video sessions helped the companies reach their Black Friday selling targets later in this article.

Other shopping holidays, such as Small Business Saturday, which urges customers to visit local businesses, and Cyber Monday, which encourages online shopping, have joined Black Friday in recent years. Let’s look into the details of the impact created by Cyber Monday. 

The Impactful Cyber Monday 

A similar custom has emerged for internet businesses on the Monday after Thanksgiving. Cyber Monday is often regarded as the unofficial start of the Christmas shopping season online. The assumption is that following the Thanksgiving long weekend, customers will be ready to start shopping. According to Adobe Analytics statistics, holiday shoppers spent $10.8 billion online on Monday, establishing a record for the biggest US internet shopping day ever.

Because merchants have been spending more on their mobile apps, many customers utilized their cellphones to shop for bargains as well. According to Adobe, mobile devices accounted for 37% of digital purchases on Cyber Monday. As the pandemic scare remains constant among the buyers, they are looking for digital solutions to analyze products and buy digitally. 

Why are Black Friday and Cyber Monday the biggest days for businesses?

What makes 30th November 2020 so special?  With almost $10 billion in sales, it was just the largest online shopping day in US history. Sales peaked at $12 million every minute around 7 and 8 p.m. Pacific time. Smartphones accounted for more than 35% of all transactions, and curbside pickup increased by 30% year on year. Yes, Cyber Monday 2020 was the height of the epidemic, so these statistics are unsurprising. Nonetheless, they demonstrate how competitive Thanksgiving weekend has become for businesses, as well as why Cyber Monday and Black Friday remain the busiest and the most significant periods of the year in the seasonal customer engagement strategy.

In such circumstances, one thing that marketers can really benefit from is a little additional inspiration, specifically if they are aiming to stand out in these highly competitive marketplaces. You don’t have to come up with an excellent concept - you simply need to discover the hook that will pique the interest of your target audience. This requires some ingenuity and uniqueness, but it is feasible. 

Let’s take a look at some Black Friday marketing campaigns that stood out for their performance and creativity, and maybe they’ll inspire your upcoming Black Friday marketing victory.

Walmart’s Tiktok campaign

Every marketer understands that interactive content sells, but developing something that truly stands out may be difficult. Walmart’s TikTok campaign made Black Friday purchases more enjoyable, engaging, and gamified. Customers were able to “unbox” virtual goods and find Black Friday surprises thanks to a user-generated TikTok filter utilized in the promotion. TikTok users used the #Unwrapthedeals to share their achievements for all to see, and if they loved their win? They may go directly to Walmart’s product page and purchase it. With over 5.5 billion # views and an 18.4 percent interaction rate, the campaign shattered all TikTok # challenge records.

walmart poster, blue with three men in christmas jumpers
Wallmart's streaming campaign

Banana republic video ad

2020 was not the regular year, and so it was not your typical Black Friday. There was more internet buying and fewer shop visits due to pandemic lockdowns and social distancing. In addition, the tone was more muted than normal. Under these conditions, Banana Republic did a good job with a pleasant and calm Black Friday commercial.

man holding woman walking away down a road with a dog
Banana Republic's 2020 Campaign

The mandatory 50 percent discount offer was contrasted against pictures of families and couples in calm, secluded places. The 2020 campaign concentrated on offering Black Friday consumers everything they needed digitally without leaving the house.  

MeUndies- the Apparel Brand’s Live Video Campaign  

MeUndies, an apparel business, showed the platform’s potential by conducting a two-hour Facebook Live event on Black Friday in 2016. The firm welcomed its 314,000 followers and ran targeted advertisements to those who had opened MeUndies emails but hadn’t purchased anything in over a year. As a consequence, they received 13,300 views, over 6,000 interactions, and an astounding 25% conversion rate. “We wanted to reward the individuals who follow us and offer them an extra incentive for being so great,” MeUndies customer acquisition lead Hailey Pink explained.

A DJ, dancing contests, and four unique discounts with promotional URLs were all part of the show. MeUndies director of brand marketing Steph Young stated, “They were extremely pleased to have a specific audience for a limited-time offer. If you choose to spend a half-hour with us on any given day, we may reward you with a ticket that will be active throughout that time,” he explained. That’s something you couldn’t accomplish with a regular Facebook video since you never know when people would connect with it. We can reach out to them at that moment because we know exactly how many people are watching.

Similarly, just posting a casual video won’t work as much as a live one-to-one video call directly to the customer. But you would wonder how is it possible to arrange such a platform where the brands get to have interactive sessions with the audience? Well, it is now possible with Plaza’s virtual showroom, in which Plaza leverages live video to help businesses create, engage, and sell to their communities. 


Plaza’s virtual showroom is the simplest method to start selling on video, with the goal of making video commerce as simple as creating a website. This branded, mobile-optimized video chat enables companies to provide customers with a real-life buying experience via live video. Customers may chat with a brand representative, discover more about items, receive tailored recommendations, view extensive data, and check out, and all of it is done on call. So, gear up for this year’s mega-selling experience, Try Plaza For Free and let this Black Friday and Cyber Monday be the biggest days for your business.

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