Wellness and lifestyle is a tough space to break into, especially as a purely eCommerce brand when people think they prefer seeing a doctor in person. Another obstacle to a virtual brand is how many potential customers might crave the in-person interaction after the last couple of years. So how can an eCommerce business prove it’s just as good, if not a better option for some people?

That’s where our case style with wellness brand Hims comes in! Hims offers fully digital experiences with customized, personalized treatment plans for men. 1:1 video consultations play a huge role in how they’re able to connect with customers and deliver personalized service. 

In this case study, we’ll look at how they’ve used video consultation to serve their target audience and create a brand that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. 

About Hims 

Hims is focused on men’s health, covering primary care as well as mental health, skincare, sexual health, and hair loss. 

hims beige product website showing four health products
Hims is fully personalized and offers products for men online

You’re matched with a licensed medical provider in your state to assist you with nearly any ailment or concern. More than two million consultations have resulted in men gaining insight into their own physical, cosmetic, and mental concerns. Hims specializes in helping their customers gain access to the medical advice they might not feel comfortable talking about if not virtually.

Thanks in large part to their personalized approach to both wellness and lifestyle, Hims saw 74% growth in their first quarter of 2021, beating not only their own projections but Wall Street’s expectations for their Q1 earnings, ranging between $48-50 million.

So for the skeptics out there, how can a digital wellness experience compare to meeting a medical professional in person?

How Hims Turned In-Person Experiences Into Digital Ones 

The process of registering with Hims will look familiar to anyone who’s ever had to meet a new doctor.

First, create a profile and enter your medical history and symptoms. 

Just like any first meeting, the doctors need to understand why you seek help before they can pair you with the right medical professional. You will input your medical history, any symptoms or past treatment, and what you need at the moment. Hims also asks for your government-issued ID and credit card, which they encrypt through a secure platform to keep the information safe. 

Next, you speak with a healthcare provider over a high-quality video call to understand your options, 
including for psychiatry and potentially diagnostic calls for things like hair loss.

One of Hims’ licensed professionals will speak with you in real-time about options, treatment, and any other needs. Doctors are also on call in their online platform at any time of day, ready to help you. In fact, if you like that service better, most of your care could be done via text with a provider.

Finally, enjoy free delivery of any medication. You can choose to either pick up your prescriptions at your local pharmacy or have them delivered straight to your door. 

A streamlined process reduces customer friction

Why A Digital Wellness Experience is So Valuable 

Virtual meetings are convenient and relatively immediate. People are already working from home, and with the quality service that Hims provides, they don’t have to make it to an appointment across town or wait months for an appointment like a standard provider. 

Video conferences offer a simple solution to a potentially embarrassing problem. Some men are embarrassed by sexual health concerns or hair loss. Hims provides an easy way to speak to a licensed doctor without needing to go in person, so they may be more comfortable. They can get support from the privacy of their own home. This is can actually become a huge part of your marketing campaigns, setting yourself apart from the competition. 

It reduces access-to-care issues. Some people would have to drive an hour to talk to someone with these specialties, which just isn’t possible. Their obstacles may be reliable transportation, time off from work, or caused by the very ailment for which they need help. Video conferencing and telehealth during COVID-19 proved that a large percentage of these appointments can be more accessible and should.

Whether you have an autoimmune disease, a vulnerable senior or young child at home, or work on the frontlines, many people still have COVID-19 concerns surrounding safety. Why bother with the risk for your simple appointments? Services like Hims offer a solution that’s considerate of your time, accessibility needs, and safety.

Clients expect (and often require) guidance in Wellness categories. Even if you aren’t taking prescription medications, people often need guidance when it comes to their health and well-being. Determining which supplements and over-the-counter products can be just as difficult to accomplish as receiving a prescription, and direct and thorough consultation is key. 

What Other Companies Can Take Away from Hims’ 1:1 Virtual Consultations 

We learned a lot since 2020, and one big takeaway is that there’s plenty of room for telehealth now. Video calls for medical appointments will likely still be a popular option; previously in-person-only experiences can now be fully or largely digital, creating much more convenience for all involved.

What about HIPPA requirements in the US? Hims is able to offer digital and fully secure experiences; they take your digital safety as seriously as your medical and mental safety.

In addition, leveraging video allows both parties to be heard, to feel heard, and to create strong and helpful customer interactions 

Final Thoughts 

Part of what makes Hims works is the ease with which any user can begin. You don’t need to download an app, as it can easily be accessed through mobile or a web browser. High-quality video communication tools ensure your customers comes away from the experience with a happy report. 

Not only did Hims rise to the needs of their target market by making a pain point just a normal and easier part of their consumer’s new lifestyle. But every point of live communication also guides their customer towards sale and quality service.

These are all effective strategies that other brands in the wellness industry can adapt for their own businesses. And here at Plaza, we’ve worked to make video commerce and consultations easier for businesses to establish than ever. 

If you want to see how it can work for you, sign up for Plaza’s First Look program!

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