Zoom presents a great opportunity to connect with your customers on video. You can share an invite with an existing or prospective customer to show a product demo or walk them through a setup process for a product they purchased. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use Zoom for a 1:1 Personal Shopping Experience

Setting up a Zoom

Sign-up or use your existing zoom account to download and login into the Zoom Desktop app. Once you’ve logged-in, your account should look like this. Your upcoming meetings would appear under the time slots.


zoom home screen, new meeting, join, time
Zoom home screen

Scheduling a session

You can read our article here on how to use tools like Acuity and Calendly to schedule a video session with your customer. “How to setup a scheduled video commerce session”

To set up a session using Calendly, sign up or login to your existing Calendly account and create a new event. 

Select Zoom from the selection under “Edit Location"

Calendly location edit screen, drop down with zoom options
How to edit location with Calendly

You will be prompted to connect your Zoom account with Calendly

Once you have connected the Zoom account, you will be able to see all your scheduled meetings inside Zoom.

Zoom location set up form
Zoom screen inside Calendly

Setup Best Practices

Video meetings can be challenging. We have a detailed session setup article here.

Here are some basics that you should follow:

1. Lights

  • Ensure there’s bright light on your face and the product you are showcasing.
  • Try sitting in a well-lit area near a window or under a spot-light.
  • For best results, you can use an external light source like a ring-light

2. Audio 

  • Check your audio equipment like speakers and microphones before you start.
  • It’s best to use a headphone with a mic for the best clarity.

3. Camera Basics

  • Clean your camera lens/ laptop screen and ensure that there’s no dust
  • If you are using an external camera, adjust your ISO until you have a very bright and yet noise-free image.

4. Session Hygiene  

  • Focus - You might be in a store or your home but you are on live-video. Focus on the customer and try to listen carefully before you speak.
  • Dress for the job; Don’t wear your pajamas (:
  • If you are going to display products like watches and jewelry, it is important to keep your hands clean.
  • Keep a notepad handy or use Plaza’s note-taker (:
  • Hydrate 

How to conduct the session

Your best resource for a video commerce session 

smiling lady waving at computer laptop
User actively using zoom

1. Introduction - Self & Session

  • Introduce yourself - Give a one line personal introduction and ask what language is the shopper comfortable with?
  • If required ask for the shoppers name pronunciation
  • Introduce the session - What are we going to do here today? 

2. Session Interface & Controls 

  • Make the shopper familiar with the video interface. It could be their first time trying out a Zoom call.

3. Share Products 

  • Screen-share - You can use Zoom’s inbuilt screen-sharing feature to share products with your customer.
  • Chat - You can also use the chat panel to send product links as messages to your customer. They can click this link to go to the product page. Chat is not the best method as it takes away the attention of a customer from the video call to the website.

Plaza solves the issue of switching between your store and zoom. We host your store on the live video stream, with full checkout capabilities and analytics. To learn more about how we improve your customer experience, get in touch with a team member of Plaza today.