The pandemic has changed every aspect of our lives - how we live, eat, socialize, and shop. Regardless of the industry, businesses are forced to adapt to new ways of working, which include a unique approach to wholesaling their products. As a result, virtual shopping is the new trend in e-commerce brands and retailers.

With exhibitions and trade shows getting canceled and in-person meetings moving online, a virtual showroom is the best solution to maintain business continuity. They bring your target audience closer by utilizing basic personal digital devices, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc.

A virtual store enables you to promote your collections with a click of a button and schedule digital appointments with potential buyers. Advanced software allows you to share product images and videos and accept orders, all within the same platform. In the case of every business, the two most important factors are time and money.

What is a virtual showroom?

A virtual showroom, also referred to as digital showrooms, is a 360⁰ immersive space that allows businesses and buyers to engage and sell products online. Therefore, it is critical to prepare digital versions of your products and provide a rich brand experience today more than ever.

With this, potential customers explore your new product or collections digitally, and you can amaze them with well-prepared content full of infographics, links to your virtual shops, animations, etc. A significant advantage of a virtual store over a physical store is that clients from all around the world can visit your showroom and have a virtual tour, consequently leading to increased revenue.

As per a report by McKinsey, around 70-80% of B2B decision-makers prefer digital or remote interactions and self-service.  

Benefits of using a digital showroom

Cost-effective and scalable solution

A virtual showroom is much cheaper to set up in comparison to traditional stores. However, setting up new physical stores requires an additional workforce and resources. Since the experience is virtual, you can reuse your existing resources - whether an existing store, your office, or a remote workforce.

Selling virtually reduces the time to market while increasing your reach. A virtual showroom is beneficial to your users as well. Users can interact with your brand and your representatives from any location globally at their convenience.

The streamlined buying process and efficient ordering

With the help of advanced digital showroom software, you can streamline your entire ordering process. The Purchase Order creation process gets simplified, and you can aggregate orders for production easily. First, the users need to select the product from the library and add it to their PO.

All the product details such as colors, materials, size, price range, or SKUs are available in one place. Video commerce enables you to sell to more buyers in less time, subsequently bringing down the length of your sales window. So, efficient ordering results in a higher-order value, richer customer experience, and more time to schedule virtual sales meetings.

Offer a real-life experience

Your brand can offer a real-life experience to your potential customers. They can take a tour similar to walking around in a physical store, view products from the comfort of their homes. Also, they can zoom in and out to get a detailed analysis of the products and their features. Moreover, users have the option to view PDFs and videos for in-depth research on the showcased products. A virtual sales assistant is also available to the users in case they require any help.

Data available to boost sales

The majority of the virtual showroom platforms store all your purchase and order data in a user dashboard. Clienteling becomes much more accessible and smooth with visitor analytics. This data helps you figure out which products are in demand and which products are not selling that much. This way, you can make strategic decisions to stop the production of certain products with low demand.

You get detailed information about every visitor to your booth – customer demographics, where they spent most of their time, the duration for which they visited your booth, and more. Real-time updates in video commerce facilitate faster actions and allow you to direct buyers towards popular products.

Expanding reach

With the help of a virtual showroom, you're able to showcase your offerings to buyers across the world. You don't have to set up a physical store in their geographies. This could help your business reach new markets and increase global sales.

All-time availability

Having a digital showroom offers you the advantage of being always available to any customer with access to a computer, mobile, or tablet. Your target customers need not wait for working hours to reach out to your brand. It enables you to expand into markets in different time zones.

Unique and relevant to the times we're in

Virtual showrooms provide your business with an edge over your competition and help you create a distinct identity. It adds a "wow" factor for your target audience with its uniqueness and accessibility. Virtual showrooms help you reach out to people affected by the global health situation. Nonetheless, promoting items virtually reduces carbon footprint and less wastage of materials. In the current times, setting up a Virtual showroom is your best bet.

Future Outlook

The concept of a virtual showroom is unique and has gained a lot of traction in recent times. In this social distancing and remote working era, it is essential to highlight your brand wherever possible – social media, website, email marketing, or blogs. Digital platforms enable your brand to reach a larger audience and make it much more convenient to handle. Virtual Showrooms are easy to start with live video and give your customers an easy way to experience what they love about offline shopping from the comfort of their homes.

Digital showrooms are the perfect blend of physical and online setup to generate higher ROI. They help you incorporate technology into your sales and marketing strategy and provide you with an opportunity to improve user experience. The virtual shopping process is simplified and smoothened for retailers and buyers, thereby offering a win-win situation for both.

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