Have you tried to purchase a product while you watch a video advertisement online? Imagine pausing a video and clicking on a product, and proceeding to buy it. Consumer behaviors are changing at a fast pace. People have now turned to virtual shopping more than they ever did before. Shoppable videos are now taking over, and it’s changing how brands are advertising.

Live video calls and chats help to bring about more conversions on your eCommerce website. Hence, it’s not surprising why 93% of marketers make use of video marketing. With online shopping growing, consumers are now looking for the best eCommerce experience. They want the personal in-store experience online, and retailers have now found a new solution – video shopping.

What Is Video Shopping?

Video shopping is how marketers use video commerce to sell and promote their services and products online. It allows retailers to showcase their products and provides additional information to help shoppers with their buying decisions. In addition, consumers now prefer the comfortable eCommerce experience to regular physical retail. 

Live video and video creation are the next big thing brands are adopting to grow their business and build brand awareness. Through video, brands can now connect with their customers to showcase their products, give advice, and recommend products that suit individual needs. Video has now become a way for brands and customers to connect and build relationships. 

The Importance of Video Shopping

With technology evolving by the day, retail brands are now combining commerce and content in the best way possible. Video shopping creates an experience that engages and assists the audience with their shopping decisions. It provides marketers and retailers a platform for personalized engagement strategies.

According to Cisco, global live video traffic is said to increase 15 times more between 2017 and the year 2022. When consumers interact with brands, they make decisions based on the interactions and then choose a brand that relates to them well. When brands integrate shoppable features into their videos, it reduces the time and steps a user needs to take to make a purchase.

Five Reasons Why Video Shopping Is the Future of Commerce

Builds Brand Loyalty

Retailers find it very hard to keep their customers engaged. With live video, brands can bring their products to life and also build brand loyalty. Customers can see the products and brands that can offer them a better user experience. When brands use video shopping, it allows customers to see the real benefits of their products. Once the user experience improves, so will conversion, sales, and finally, brand loyalty.

Through video calling options, brands such as DECIEM and Credo Beauty arrange skin consultations and recommend products to their clients tailored to each person. 

Increases Sales

Virtual shopping provides an excellent opportunity for brands to increase their engagement rate twice as much as a normal video.

Video calling has worked extremely well for furniture retailers – Design Within Reach and Herman Miller, who depend on it to give their online customers a feel of how an item would look when placed in their homes or office. They also use video calling to resolve customer problems and offer solutions as well. 

Improved Conversions

Retailers and merchants who use eCommerce video shopping have seen an increase in their conversion rates. With video commerce, customers stick around for a longer time. Videos have been shown to improve conversion rates to a great extent. Live video streaming helps customers interact with your brand. Live video calls and marketing not only increase brand awareness but brings about engagement and improved conversion rates.  

Enhances Customer Engagement

Live commerce helps to provide an excellent customer experience that decreases sales cycles and also attracts customers. Using smart video marketing strategies on your platform enhances your customer engagement and leads to a better user experience. Using the brand storytelling approach, you can create an emotional connection with your audience.

Retargeting Customers

If you’re looking to retarget customers and increase conversions and engagement, then video shopping is the way forward. Brands need to step into the customer’s shoes to know and understand them better. You must learn about your audience to know where they spend their time – is it on websites, phones, or tablets? Video has the power to grab attention, engage viewers, and also helps with existing retargeting customers.

Live video calling is the future of eCommerce. Customers are interested in video chat with associates once the call has started, but many of them are reluctant to make a call on their own. This is why most brands are opting for video calling and live video streaming options, where associates are put in the driver’s seat to connect with their customers through video calling. 

How Plaza Helps Brands with Video Solutions?

Plaza helps fast-growing DTC brands to use live videos to drive authentic engagement at each step of a customer’s journey. The "made-for-commerce" video solutions enable brands to use interactive live video as a new channel for marketing, sales, and retention. 

The Virtual Showroom solution allows brands to conduct one-on-one shoppable video calls for a better customer experience. Brands using Plaza have noticed higher conversion rates, decreased call times, larger order values, and happier customers.  

In Conclusion

Big brands like lululemon are changing their buying process with video shopping strategies and live video calls to engage customers and drive conversions. Incorporating virtual shopping along with live streaming strategies helps to streamline the online shopping experience and helps to increase sales. Customer information collected through video content allows brands to gather accurate insights into customer behavior. Video shopping is the future of commerce, and brands are now moving in that direction to strengthen their marketing strategies and grow their business.